Separation Agreement And Getting Back Together

The idea of getting back together after almost 10 years after a breakup is quite romantic! It would be much more romantic if you and your ex-wife were not married to other people and had no children with these other people. I grew up with my ex-husband for 17 years, married at the age of 23 and divorced at the age of 27. Just before I asked for a divorce, he was very close to an elderly woman he worked with (45 years) and they have always been “friends” and are still “only friends”. A few months after the divorce, I took it to him as he “single time party” I took to him after a long year of trying with him he refused to give this older girlfriend, so fine that I left him alone. Now, 11 months later, he started writing to me Oct 2017. We went out once, and then we had a period of ignorance. I was thinking about one thing, and he was thinking of something else after we hung the silence, but he still called me back a few weeks ago, and of course, he spilled his heart again: “I miss you, I love you, I want a future with you, I want you to move with me and so you can remarry/start a family.” Well, he wants to be “friends” and build this friendship, we write almost every day, we make phone calls here and there, and he hangs himself once a month, while continuing to be “friends” with this other woman. And when I call them friends, they spend almost every weekend together, they travel together, they sleep next to everyone when they make love when they`re together, they actually have for years without the title. He doesn`t pursue the official title because he wants 1-me come back and 2-wants with a woman who can give him children (she`s 18 years older than us). He said that once he knows and feels, he and I are good friends, then he will say goodbye to that older girlfriend and then focus on him and me/a couple again. He knows all my troubles with this elderly woman, and I understand that I am friends, because just after the divorce, when I called him, I became very jealous of his friendship with this elderly woman whom he and I discussed and survived.

But he said I had to prove that I could be his girlfriend first, not be jealous of her, and as soon as I proved that he would walk away from it 100%. Yes, deeply down a little hurt/jealous, but REFUSE to act on it. I`m so confused and hurt that he told me this time! Why can`t he tear down this woman`s bandaid? He tried to get other women out during the summer, but no success/no match and his girlfriend became possessive and pushed him for a relationship with her in return he said NO I don`t like you as well and I want children.