Youtube Partner Program Agreement

Flexibility for your brand: YouTube has no rules for websites where their partners choose to download content. As a result, each partner can monetize their videos on the platform and other websites using a non-exclusive agreement. If you`re talking on YouTube, it`s important that your channel follows YouTube monetization policies. This includes YouTube`s community policies, terms of use, copyright and google AdSense guidelines. They apply to anyone who wants to participate in or wishes to participate in the YouTube partnership program. This section applies to users who provide content to the service. It defines the scope of permissions you grant by downloading your content and includes your consent not to post what violates the rights of others. Important updates: We`ll let you know in writing if we`re making any changes that might affect you. If you do not accept the amended terms, you can stop using this feature or cancel your contract with us. With this data in hand to be on this platform and get the best out of it, you will definitely be interested in your content marketing initiatives.

We recommend you become a YouTube partner. What is the YouTube Affiliate Program (YPP) in general? This program gives creators the ability to access more features and resources on the platform. First, you need to know if you qualify to be in the YPP: before choosing to be a YouTube partner, you need to know if you meet the requirements that all YouTube channels that wish to join the program must meet. They are: repeated content refers to channels where the content is so similar that viewers may have trouble recognizing the difference between videos on the same channel. This policy is based on the Search Console portion of the AdSense program guidelines. We put it in a context that is more relevant to YouTube creators. Дети любого возраста могут пользоваться приложением “YouTube Детям” с разрешения родителя или законного опекуна. Это приложение доступно не во всех странах. If you have a title, also add a description: A well-titled YouTube Video without description doesn`t go very far. Be clear and concise to users while integrating the keywords you`ve learned from your searches. Условия настоящего Соглашения не затрагивают Ваши права, предусмотренные законодательством, которые не могут быть исключены или изменены в договорном порядке. Никакие положения настоящего соглашения не затрагивают те права, которыми Вы обладаете как потребитель.

Если иное не указано в настоящем Соглашении и не требуется по закону, YouTube не дает никаких гарантий, заверений и обещаний в отношении Сервиса. В частности, мы не даем никаких гарантий, заверений и обещаний касательно Контента в Сервисе; конкретных функций и свойств Сервиса; а также его точности, надежности, доступности и соответствия Вашим потребностям. Кроме того, мы не гарантируем, что Контент, который Вы загрузили в Сервис, будет доступен и сохранен в нем.