Tim Donovan, CPA, CIRA
Myers & Company
6327 SW Capitol Highway
Suite 222
Portland, OR 97201


The aerial photos you produced were excellent. Thanks both for the quality of your work and getting them done so quickly. We will certainly remember your work when we need additional aerial photos.

Tim Tim Donovan
Portland, OR
From: Dr. John Brockhaus

RE: Testimonial for Blue Sky GIS

Several AirPhotoUSA image products have been acquired for use at the Military Academy through Blue Sky GIS. Their customer support and service has been exceptional and has contributed directly to the imagery being integrated into these courses in a timely and useful manner.

AirPhotoUSA digital aerial photography provided through Blue Sky GIS is being utilized to support courses in the Geospatial Information Science curriculum at the United States Military Academy, West Pt. NY. Due to the high spatial resolution and overall high quality of the imagery it has proven to be a key component of several courses to include Computer Cartography, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and Advanced Remote Sensing. Applications of the imagery within these courses include: background imagery for the composition of cartographic map products; utilization for the generation of new GIS vector data layers through on-screen digitizing; for perspective visualization of landscapes when used in conjunction with digital elevation model data; and, as a tool in teaching image interpretation concepts and techniques.

Dr. John Brockhaus
United States Military Academy

Department of Geography & Environmental Engineering
745 Brewerton Rd.
West Point, NY 10996
Dr. John Brockhaus
West Point, NY
From: Jon Proctor
RE: Recommendation for Christian Shumann-Curtis

I have known Christian since 1996, and worked directly with him for 6 years during that time. Throughout our professional careers, Christian has provided insightful technical knowledge, and demonstrated a strong understanding of geospatial products.

Christian and I co-founded Front Range Ortho and GIS Consultants in 1999. This business venture was profitable within the first 3 months of opening, and we were able to make a profit every month that we were in business. We sold our business to Pixxures Inc., for a 5000% return on our initial investment. Christian's understanding of the Geospatial industry, and market players played a key role in our profitability, and in positioning the company to be purchased by Pixxures.

I have enjoyed working with Christian in many capacities; co-worker, business partner, and consultant. He has always proved to be a valuable and key contributor to any team that he works on.

Jon Proctor
Director of Orthorectification
DigitalGlobe Inc. Jon Proctor
DigitalGlobe Inc.
To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to highly recommend Christian Schumann-Curtis.

Christian has been an exceptional consultant and has worked for us since 1999. He has been a great support and has solved many problems for us as well as doing training, tech support, and R&D.

Christian's hard work and innovative ideas have furthered this company and its employees. He has especially been a great support with our production department, especially in the aerial triangulation department, creating new techniques to save us time and money. I am confident that Christian will succeed in anything he sets out to do.

I highly recommend him and know he will be a great asset.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

Respectfully submitted,

AirPhotoUSA, LLC

Josh Statzer
Director of Strategic Relations
Josh Statzer
Director of Strategic Relations
From: Shaun Callaghan
RE: Christian Schumann-Curtis

Recommendation of Christian Schumann-Curtis

I have known Christian Schumann-Curtis for over 8 years. I first met Christian when we worked together in an aerial mapping firm as image analysts. At times, I would work the late shift with Christian where I was often a witness to his advanced technical abilities as well as his insightful reflection into problems and an uncanny ability to always find a solution. I was fortunate enough to work with Christian as business partners at Front Range Ortho GIS Consultants, Inc. (FROGIS). At FROGIS we worked developing production systems and proprietary software. Our firm was purchased by Pixxures, Inc. Christian made an excellent name for himself at both firms as a 'go-to' person for answers.

I have been a partner in business with Christian, and I think his business sense is as solid and insightful as any other leader I know. Together, we were able to return over 2000 times our initial investment as Christian saw to the selling of our GIS firm, FROGIS, Inc., that we co-owned for three years, to the mapping firm Pixxures, Inc. His sense of the industry has allowed him to succeed in leading multiple business ventures. I have not doubt that Christian will continue to find tremendous achievements in life.

I would recommend Mr. Schumann-Curtis for any endeavor that I would want a great chance of it succeeding.


Shaun Callaghan
Shaun Callaghan
I have known Christian Schumann-Curtis for over 7 years. I worked directly with him both as employees of Pixxures, Inc. and as Blue Sky GIS, contracted to Pixxures, Inc. In all cases, Christian has shown himself to be a diligent, hard worker, with a great deal of knowledge about photogrammetry, orthophotography and GIS. His strength is in troubleshooting and thinking outside the box to find alternative creative solutions to problems.

Thank you,

Wendy Luck
Senior Project Manager
Pixxures, Inc.
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Arvada, CO 80007
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303-302-8601 (fax)

1-800-569-7947 toll free
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